Photovoltaic Powerplants

We have great experience in the photovoltaic power plants: preliminary studies - projects of small and large plants - authorization and public grid connection practices - design of electrical substations for the connection of large plants - consultancy in the management and detection of faults. Our knowledge of materials is based on a data collection archive on the operation of hundreds of plants, data collection active for 13 years. We currently follow over 150 large plants managed through an ongoing consultancy relationship.

Cogeneration Powerplants

We believe in the efficacy of cogeneration plants, an efficacy often little known in the industrial field but which can find application in various sectors. Cogeneration almost always finds a fruitful application in industrial production processes.

Wind Farms

In the wind farm sector, the design and authorization process of the medium voltage distribution / connection network is of fundamental importance. Our experience in this field speeds up the construction and connection of the systems. Our simulation software (also used by large electricity distributors) allows us to design an optimized and efficient network.

Energy Efficiency

The collaboration with companies and industries has given us the opportunity to accumulate experience in the field of reducing energy consumption. We believe that the energy efficiency sector is a largely undervalued and unexplored field. It is a sector in which technical knowledge plays a fundamental role for a good result.

Efficiency analysis and fault detection

The current instrumentation allows to perform precise analyzes and implement interventions with the lowest possible cost. Interventions that lead to great savings for plant owners. The increase in the efficiency of the plant repays the cost of the interventions in a few months

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